Vacuum Pump .3hp Kit

  • $ 847.00

Looking for a hold-down solution for small projects? The Vacuum Pump .3hp Kit is a high pressure, low volume system that is ideal for repetitive projects made of non-porous materials and is considered an accessory for the ShopBot Desktop (24"x18" cutting area) and the ShopBot Desktop MAX (36"x24" cutting area). A closed gasketed setup without leaks is essential for best hold-down performance. This Becker vacuum pump comes with a sheet of 18"x24" HDPE (blue), 15' tubing (blue), and 35' vacuum gauge gasketing material. If you need custom sized HDPE, call for pricing 888-680-4466.

25.5" HG
2.8 CFM
0.32 HP

For more details, see how ShopBot uses high pressure, low volume hold-down in Handibot production.  For specific project hold-down questions contact our Production Support team 
Learn about ShopBot Vacuum Hold-Down Systems

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