Pen-Carving Starter Kit

  • $ 199.95

Get into the art of pen-making with your Handibot! Paired with the Accessory Base and Rotary Axis, your Handibot has the power and precision to turn out beautiful, custom carved pens.

This kit provides the tools you need to get started with pen carving — including fixturing, bits, glue and finishing oil — along with the materials to make your first 10 pens. 

We've put together three interesting 3D pen projects to get you going. As pen-carving with CNC becomes popular, expect growing libraries of pen projects to be developed and shared. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of a whole new world of extreme pen-making.

See it in action here!

To go with this kit, you'll also need to own the Rotary Axis and Accessory Base — and of course, a Handibot Adventure Edition

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