Handibot® v1.1 Y Axis Backing Plate Upgrade

  • $ 40.00

There is currently a 3 day lead time for this product.

Prepare your tool for better tiling and expand your Handibot's accuracy. This retrofit kit was developed with users interested in tiling in mind as the extra resolution allows for the finer adjustments needed to support seamless tiling.

Note: If you're ordering a Handibot v1.1, the tool already comes with this improvement.

Upgrade your version 1.0 Handibot® with the new backing plates introduced in the version 1.1 release. The Handibot backing plate upgrade kit adds extra resolution and accuracy to the Handibot alignment procedure of the Y axis.

The kit comes with the 4 metal backing plates, 16 countersunk screws, and the specialty tools required. The kit allows you to add this feature to your Handibot® v1.0.

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