Laser Pointer

  • $ 150.00

ShopBot’s Laser Pointer Accessory is a material alignment tool that is easy to install and operate and can be utilized in a few different ways.
Using a calibrated offset process the user can enter specified X&Y coordinates allowing them to align the material to that position. Alternatively, the user can move the Laser Pointer manually to the desired location and record the X&Y coordinates.

This tool is compatible with the ShopBot Desktop tools as well as both PRS4 Standard and Alpha Gantry tools. This accessory is not compatible with the DT1 (Desktops shipped through July 2017) or the PRT model tools.

See how you can put this accessory to work in this short video!

1 - Laser Pointer Unit
1 -  Mounting Bracket
1 – Wago Tool
1 – 2.5mm Allen Key
2 – Flat Head M4x10mm  Screws
3 – 1/2"x1/2" 3M VHG Tape Pieces

Laser Pointer Software files (zip)

Installing the Laser Pointer (Desktop Tools)
Installing the Laser Pointer (Gantry Tools)
Laser Pointer Calibration

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