Pen-Carving Starter Kit

  • $ 249.95

Get into the art of pen-making with your ShopBot! Any ShopBot with a ShopBot rotary indexer and this pen-carving kit can turn out beautiful, custom carved pens. Symmetrical or asymmetrical designs, vCarving, and more - create something unique.

This kit provides the tools you need to get started with pen carving — including fixturing, bits, glue and finishing oil — along with the materials to make your first 10 pens. 

As pen-carving with CNC becomes popular, expect growing libraries of pen projects to be developed and shared. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of a whole new world of extreme pen-making.

To use this kit with a ShopBot, you'll need a 3", 6" or 12" Rotary Indexer.

To use this kit with a Handibot, you'll also need to own the Rotary Axis and Accessory Base — and of course, a Handibot Smart Power Tool. 

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