Handibot® Touch-Screen Control Panel

  • $ 245.00

Take full advantage of the portability of Handibot's FabMo control system with a dedicated touch-screen tablet that mounts firmly to the frame of your Handibot® Adventure Edition or Large Sheet Tool. Flip it up to enter commands when running the tool; Fold it down, out of the way when you're on the go; or take the tablet out of the holder to pass around to students or co-workers collaborating on a design. 

The tablet connects to the Handibot's power supply so it will always be charged up and ready to use while your tool is plugged in. 

Includes a new Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite with a 7" screen. (Handibot not included).

Note--the touch screen tablet will work with any FabMo enabled tool--but the holder will mount only to the Adventure Edition and Large Sheet Tool models. 

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