Handibot® Touch-Screen Control Panel - for v2.0 tools

  • $ 245.00

Note-- Current v2.1 handibot tools come standard with this accessory, this item is needed for legacy models (v2.0 and earlier) only.

Take full advantage of the portability of Handibot's FabMo control system with a dedicated touch-screen tablet that mounts firmly to the frame of your Handibot® Adventure Edition or Large Sheet Tool. Flip it up to enter commands when running the tool; Fold it down, out of the way when you're on the go; or take the tablet out of the holder to pass around to students or co-workers collaborating on a design. 

The tablet connects to the Handibot's power supply so it will always be charged up and ready to use while your tool is plugged in. 

Includes a new Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite with a 7" screen. (Handibot not included).

The touch screen tablet will work with any FabMo enabled tool--but the holder will mount only to the Adventure Edition and Large Sheet Tool models. 

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