Handibot® Pen Station: Custom Pen-Carving Package

  • $ 6,495.00

There is currently a 2 weeks lead time for this product.

Handibot® the small, but powerful, portable CNC tool makes a terrific foundation for the ultimate new level of pen-making. With Handibot, pen-turning becomes pen-carving and vastly enhances the art of pen-making!

With CNC you can automate many aspects of traditional pen-turning, but that is just the starting point. The controlled rotary indexing capabilities of a Handibot CNC means that you can intricately carve any shape, pattern, or detail into a pen-making project with high precision — and do it as often as you would like. It will allow you to explore a new range of creative expression in shapes, graphical messaging, labeling, and customization. It makes for a whole new way to express your skills and artistry.

See it in action here!

Yes, there is some technology involved. But Handibots are easily operated from virtually any device, including your smart phone. The amount of work you will need to do in the design software is simply related to how much you want to learn about the new worlds of digital modeling and digital fabrication. CNC pen making is, in fact, a great introduction to the future of technology-based manufacturing. But how much of the technology stuff you get into, that’s up to you. There’s a lot of 3D art already available for easy download and insertion into your pen projects. You’ll quickly find yourself a leader in the new world of pen-carving and creative pen production.

With Handibot’s Pen Station, we provide three interesting 3D pen projects to get you going. As pen-carving with CNC becomes popular, expect growing libraries of pen projects to be developed and shared. We’re just beginning to scratch the surface of a whole new world of extreme pen-making.

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