Desktop with 1hp Spindle & Bit Kit

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Our small-footprint CNC digital fabrication tool is built to perform like a big tool, built to be flexible, and built to last. Each new ShopBot tool comes bundled with VCarve Pro Shopbot Edition to create CNC projects and the ShopBot Control System software to run your CNC. View the full specs on our website.

This kit includes the ShopBot Desktop Bit Kit (All 1/4" Shank), 8 Amana Cutters. 
These bits can be used with any size ShopBot Tool.

Included in this kit:

  • 90° V-Groove; Signmaking, Lettering & Decorative Work (Amana #45704): 1/2” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • 60° V-Groove; Signmaking, Lettering & Decorative Work (Amana #47505): 1/2” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • Spiral Ball Nose, Up-Cut; Carving, Decorative Doors & Sign Manufacturing (Amana #46369): 1/8” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • Plastic Cutting; Solid Carbide, Spiral ‘0’ Flute, Up-Cut (Amana #51219): 1/4” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • Plastic Cutting; Solid Carbide, Single Straight Flute (Amana #43500): 1/8” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • Spiral Flute Plunge; Solid Carbide, 2 Flute Down-Cut (Amana #46415): 1/4” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • Straight Plunge; New Generation of Straight Bit Technology (Amana #45226): 1/2” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • Tapered Ball Nose; Solid Carbide Spiral, Up-Cut (Amana #46282): 1/16” diameter, 1/4” shank
  • Wooden box for bits

Looking for a way to keep hands safely out of the Desktop cutting area and keep chips and dust off your floor? Use the drop down menu above to select one of our two Desktop Enclosure options.

The Desktop Mini Enclosure easily attaches to the ShopBot Desktop t-slot deck with included hardware. The front of the enclosure is easily removed and can be hung by the top lip from the lower edge of the tool for access to the tool bed. It is made from Duraplex – impact resistant acrylic.

The Desktop Invision Full Enclosure is made of HDPE and acrylic and helps to reduce noise and dust for Desktops in high traffic, community work spaces. As an additional safety measure, the spindle automatically turns off when the enclosure door is opened.

Price includes a $350 additional shipping/handling fee for US orders, $600 for shipping to Canada & Mexico, and $350 crating fee for all locations ($100 addt'l shipping included when full enclosure is selected). For all other countries, please call to place your order. Customer is responsible for all duties, VAT, broker fees, and other expenses in their destination country. 

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