Handibot® Rotary Axis

  • $ 950.00

There is currently a 3 day lead time for this product.

Get into 3D carving with the Handibot® Rotary Axis! This accessory axis can be mounted beneath the Handibot to allow machining in the round.

You will need to purchase the Handibot Accessory Base to use the Rotary Axis. The Accessory Base is sold separately.

Increase the versatility of your Handibot® tool with the addition of a fourth axis. The Rotary Axis is similar to a lathe in that it allows you to horizontally rotate a part being cut or machined by the router on your Handibot.  It differs from a lathe because it provides precise, indexed control of the rotation of the part in a fourth axis of work.  Having a fourth axis allows profiling of a shape in the round and much intricate multi-sided cuts. Paired with the Handibot Accessory Base, the Rotary Axis easily attaches to the bottom of your Handibot. The rotary axis kit includes an additional motor driver card and cable that can be easily installed on a stock Handibot by following these instructions. The Rotary axis allows for the carving of a cylindrical piece of material up to 3" in diameter. More information on executing 3D cuts with CNC tools can be found here.

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