Adventure Edition to Bridge Upgrade Kit

Adventure Edition to Bridge Upgrade Kit

  • $ 1,195.00

There is currently a 3 week lead time for this product.

For owners of the Handibot® Smart Power Tool v2.0 Adventure Edition -- This kit contains all of the parts and tools required to convert your Adventure Edition tool into a Handibot Bridge. 

A simpler and faster way to complete your large projects with Handibot Smart Power Tools; the Handibot Bridge is a new tool designed specifically to make large projects easier to set up and cut out. 

Clamp the tool's 24" frame onto your material and complete your job in a series of small cuts, in a process known as "tiling".

What is tiling? Imagine trying to print a large photograph using just a small desktop printer. You might print the photo out on a dozen sheets of paper; each sheet containing a small part of the larger image. Once joined together in the proper order, the smaller sheets would form a larger image. 

Tiling applies that same strategy to cutting out large patterns with a small CNC router. Take a plan for a chair or a bookshelf--break the cut up into "tiles" that fit the tool--then move the tool across the material, stopping to cut out each tile as you go. 

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