Handibot® Manual +2 Axis

  • $ 295.00

There is currently a 3 day lead time for this product.

An affordable way to explore the capabilities of 4 and 5 axis machining with your Handibot®! This accessory can be mounted below the Handibot to allow machining from almost any angle.

You will need to purchase the Handibot Accessory Base to use the Manual +2 Axis. The Accessory Base is sold separately.

The Manual +2 Axis Accessory is a jig designed to manually rotate parts beneath a Handibot®, allowing for multi-sided machining which expands the functionality of a standard 3 axis tool to 4 and 5 axis. The jig can be configured to act as a rotary indexer (+1), where the Handibot will function similarly to a lathe, as well as a configuration that supports 5 axis machining by adding a trunnion rotary axis (+2). All non-metal materials machinable with a Handibot are machinable with the Manual +2 Axis Accessory. The accessory can be used with a Handibot and Handibot Accessory Base. It is possible to use this accessory in both 4 and 5 axis with the existing Aspire and Fusion 360 software.


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